Unique Bars in Vegas

Bars in Vegas are hardly ordinary. But then what in Sin City is? This city is known for its lavish lifestyle and fascinating entertainment where bigger, unique and fancier are the norm.  Mixology is an art here and most of the top bars in Vegas have sought after certified mixologist bartenders who concoct their own signature libations like master chefs.

Unique Decor in the Bars in Vegas

Perhaps one of the most unique bars in Vegas is something you wouldn’t think to find in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Welcome to the Minus Five Bar in the Mandalay Bay Resort. Their specialty? Ice.  It is a frosty -5 degrees Fahrenheit inside this bar in Vegas, where guests are given boots and fur-lined parkas, as well as heavy gloves, before they enter. The furniture, the glasses and even the bar itself is made out of ice.

In the Wynn Hotel are two bars accessed only by a spiraling escalator. Welcome to one of the top rated bars in Vegas – the Up and Down Parasol.  Out of either one you can see the specatular water show at the Lake of Dream, a three acre man-made body of water which shelters customers from the noise and hustle of the Strip while entertaining them with lights and wonder every half hour from dark-thirty until 1 am.

Top Unique Bars in Vegas

bars in VegasThe top rated of all of the bars in Vegas for 2012 are actually five bars on three levels. Tucked inside the Cosmopolitan Resort is the Chandelier Bar. Each of the five areas have their own atmosphere and reputation. You can choose from a beer sports bar to a trendy mixology bar that specializes in molecular drinks. (Hint: It involves nitrogen and sometimes a flame torch). It is the only one of its kind in Las Vegas.

Two foreign atmosphere bars in Vegas are the Rhumbar with loads of rum bottles lined up behind the bar in an almost totally white decor. But the outside patio is what attracts people to this bar in the Mirage. The beat of jazz and island Rasta music fills the air. The other is the Red Square in the Mandalay Bay which tips its black, furry Ushanka hat to Imperial Russia and over 200 varieties of Vodka.




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